Support the Sri Lanka Medical Fraternity to Fight Covid 19 in Sri Lanka

Support the Sri Lanka Medical Fraternity to Fight Covid 19 in Sri Lanka

Dear Fellow Americans of Lankan Heritage

The “Tear drop” island of Sri Lanka is in tears with “Delta Variant” bleeding its heart very badly. Every 10 minutes a precious heart beat stops! The Country needs Oxygen today very badly. Oxygen Concentrator Machines can make Oxygen to be given to all patients who “Throng” hospitals today. Each unit can fill O2 cylinders in rural hospitals, thus reducing the transport of empty cylinders to Colombo for refilling.

The Cost of a Machine is said to be around $900 (Service agreement and installing in place). We have around 20 prominent  Sri Lankan Associations/OBU’s/Organizations in Southern California. If we all, get together as One Sri Lankan family (Eka Mavakage Du Daruwo) we could quite easily send 100 Oxygen Concentrators to Sri Lanka!

The Sri Lanka Foundation and SLAMANA (Medical Fraternity of North America) have sent container loads of Medical equipment to Sri Lanka and have responsible people on the ground to manage the distribution according to the need of Hospitals. We call upon the Sri Lanka Foundation under the leadership of Dr Walter Jayasinghe, to manage the logistics in sending and distributing the life giving Machines to Sri Lanka. 

We, appeal to all associations in Southern California to consider this urgent request with compassion and activate the esteemed membership of each organization to give unconditionally towards this worthy cause. Please be kind enough to write checks/transfer through Zelle in favor of Sri Lanka Foundation ( We assure,  a “Tax exemption certificate” will be given by SLF to all donations given in their name.                

Let’s get-together, with a positive mindset in getting at least 5 units per Organization (5x 900 = $4,500.00). This Unit has been chosen in consultation with Dr Deepthi Jayasekera who is a Specialist Virologist living among us in Los Angeles.            

Let’s “Tap” the pocket to relieve a “Beat” of a Heart!


Dushantha Kurera – 0n behalf of

Sri Lanka@Heart-Organization of California    


(Lucky Rajasinghe, Rakshita Dissanayake, Samantha Kurera, Keshini Wijegunaratne, Rohan Sourjah, Viraj De Silva, Sarath Sarathchandra, Daya Gamage, Sanje Sedera, Roshan Silva,  Dr Lasika Seneviratne, Pradeep Gunaratne, Rahim Mantara, Ananda Makalanda, K. Gunasena, Ajantha Suramya, Roshan Serasinhe, , Malraj De Silva, Sam Fernando, D. Kuruppu, S. Nethisinghe, Dr Sarath Gunatilleke, Dr Deepthi Jayasekera, Dushantha Kurera, Jayam Rutnam)  

Support the Sri Lanka Medical Fraternity
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