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Good News From Jayam December 1, 2021 Pls Scroll Down 38 items

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Good News From Jayam December 1, 2021 Pls Scroll Down 38 items

Hope You Had A Great Thanksgiving!

Good News from Jayam

Towards Toxin-Free Farming

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The “Vistas of Prosperity and Splendour” National Policy Framework affirms that in order to produce a healthy and productive citizenry, the government must ensure the right of the people to access a non-toxic and balanced diet. To achieve this objective the present government headed by President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has taken measures to ensure that only organic fertilizer would be used in the agriculture sector in the country in the future.


Roshan Seresinhe CFO/COO Younger Optics, Torrance, Ca. meets the Governor of the 

State of Sonora, Mexico, Honorable Alfonso Durazo on the partnership to further expand their operations in Mexico

Good News from Jayam

“I had a productive meeting with members of Younger Optics, with the purpose of facilitating their expansion and generate 1000 more jobs in Ciudad Obregón. I thank Roshan Seresinhe, Director of the leading optical lens manufacturing company, for his leadership and openness.”

-Alfonso Durazo – Governor, State of Durazo, Mexico.


Good News from Jayam


A Memorable Cruise on the Emerald Princess

Terry and Fay Herft

A Memorable Cruise on the Emerald Princess


Terry and Fay pose in front of the beautiful Princess Line cruise ship, the “Emerald Princess”.



Gina and Jayam joined them on one of the excursions to Nassau in the Bahamas.Good News from Jayam



Cheers! Prune juice keeps everybody “regular!”.

Good News from Jayam


We had dinner at this lady’s table every night. She is the best waitress on the ship. A citizen of Ukraine, she made every one at the table feel special. Terrific service from a

terrific lady, Thank you to the beautiful Kateryna Sosnova.


Good News from Jayam


Here’s Kateryna with her able assistant, also from the Ukraine, Sergei. We called him Sergio, he didn’t mind!

Good News from Jayam

At the Lola Cafe, an upscale restaurant in the heart of Miami, Florida. This restaurant is located very close to

the famous Mar-A-Lago resort and is frequented by the children of former Presidents.


Good News from Jayam

We Were treated to Paella at a Spanish restaurant called “Xixox” in Little Havana, Florida, by Terry and Fay’s business friends Ozzie Perez and Armando. This was one of the highlights of our trip.


A fitting “farewell” to Miami at the

fabulous Hard Rock Cafe and Casino.


J Med Supply Inc.

Opens New Office in Orange County, Ca.

Good News from Jayam


John Amirthiah, President/CEO of J Med Supply Inc. a Medical Supply company, held the Grand Opening

of his beautiful new 8000 square foot premises in Buena Park, Ca. Many dignitaries and officials from the various districts attended the Grand Opening ceremony and reception, which was held on November 10th, 2021.

Some of those in attendance were the Mayor of Buena Park Connor Traut, Sri Lanka’s Consul General Dr. Lalith Chandradasa, Congresswoman Young Kim’s 

representative Sarah Mendoza, State Assembly Member Sharon Quirk-Silva’s representative Alicia De La Luz, North Orange County Chamber President/CEO Andrew Gregson.


Sugu Ariathurai drives his

McLaren 570GT at the Sonoma Speedway

Good News from Jayam


Sugumar Ariathurai (Sugu) participated recently in the advanced race driving performance course, at the Sonoma speedway in Northern California, where professional racing takes place. “It was the most challenging performance with 13 corners in a 2.5 mile racetrack. I drove my heart out in my McLaren 570GT, which performed like a wonder machine.” said Sugu. “It was an awesome experience and I may go again. It was in my bucket list.” Congratulations Sugu!


Professor Primal de Lanerolle catches

big fish at Klamath, Oregon.

Good News from Jayam



Professor Primal de Lanerolle, went fishing recently on the Klamath and Trinity River in Oregon. He hooked some nice fish but did not land any big fish on the Klamath. However, he had a great day on the Trinity. He caught this 12-13 lb salmon and 5 or 6 steelhead weighing 4-7 lbs., all on flies. Primal de Lanerolle, PhD is Professor Emeritus, Department of Physiology and Biophysics, College of Medicine University of Illinois at Chicago


My Pandemic Forecast for the Winter 2021 –

Dr. Deepthi Jayasekara, Glendora, Ca.

Good News from Jayam

We, the people of the world, are in a much favorable position today compared to last winter with the Covid-19 pandemic. After over 5 million reported fatalities globally, we have managed to enrich ourselves with more meaningful and effective tools in the armamentarium against SARS-CoV-2 virus including public health protocols, vaccines, antiviral medications and monoclonal antibody cocktails. Lifesaving therapeutics like IV Remdesivir, anticoagulants, IL-6 inhibitors and steroid treatment in severe infections have saved numerous lives and are deployed as standard of care in the hospitals. Much anticipated oral antiviral pills from Pfizer (Paxlovid) and Merck/ (Molnupiravir) were announced for mild to moderate Covid-19 infections recently.  Once approved by FDA, this will be a paradigm shift in the management of ongoing surges of new Covid cases among unvaccinated as well as vaccinated.  


Good News from Jayam

Good News from Jayam

Jayam’s Choice

“Me and Bobby McGee”

Janis Joplin


Good News from Jayam


Marlon Wijesekara Esquire

Attorney-at-Law – Laguna Hills, Ca.

Good News from Jayam

Marlon Wijesekara was recently given oaths as an attorney at law. He managed to open up his own law firm namely “immigration law offices of Marlon Wijesekara” in Laguna Hills , California. Marlon had his primary education at

St. Thomas’ College, Mt. Lavinia and attended Capo Valley High School, Mission Viejo, Ca. After migration to US. He did his Bachelors and Masters from San Diego State University and obtained his Juris Doctorate from Thomas Jefferson School of Law San Diego before taking oaths as US attorney at Law. Congratulations Marlon, I knew you would do it!



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Romas 86th Birthday Celebration

in Los Angeles, Ca.

Good News from Jayam

Roma de Zoysa, daughter of former Finance Minister of Ceylon, Stanley De Zoysa, celebrated her 86th birthday at the residence of her daughter Sonali Tucker in Los Angeles, among the guests were Niran and Achala Weerasinghe who presented her with a bouquet of beautiful flowers.


Kyle DeSilva of Los Angeles, Ca. 2021 ‘SLAM’ Golf Champion Receives Championship Cup From From Bobby Chandran

Good News from Jayam

Kyle DeSilva won the coveted ‘SLAM’ Championship Cup at the 30th Annual SLAM (Sri Lanka America) two day golf challenge, held on October 30th and 31st,  at Los Serranos Country Club, Chino Hills, California. Sri Lankan Golfers in California compete in this annual Golf Tournament, which was started back in 1990 by Dr Naj Nagendran, Manneth Jayasinghe and a few others from Chicago, Florida and Southern California. 57 Golfers participated in the 2021 tournament. Kyle was a member of the California State University, Fullerton Golf team. Kyle is the son of Sal DeSilva, who was captain of Royal College Golf team in 2009, and Captain of the California Sri Lanka team 2007 & 2008. This SLAM golf tournament was organized by the team led by Lalith Perera of Sri Lanka Rugby fame, ably assisted by Pujitha DeSilva, David Martil and Jason Liyanage.

Good News from Jayam

International Film Festival in Santa Barbara Founded by Aruni Boteju – Tea Ceremony

Good News from Jayam
Good News from Jayam


Mrs. Horanage, Ruwani Horanage, Dr. Nandi and Shanti Jasentuliyana with Aruni Boteju.

Good News from Jayam
Good News from Jayam

Good News from Jayam



Keshini Wijegooneratna of the Sri Lanka Foundation was one of the speakers.

Good News from Jayam

Aruni Boteju, founder of the International Film Festival assists Keshini in lighting the traditional Sri Lankan lamp. Also in photo are Consul General Dr. Lalith Chandradasa, President SLAASC Samantha Kurera, Mr. and Mrs. Horanage.


Sri Lanka’s Goodness Getaway

Foundation of Goodness

Good News from Jayam


Kaleidoscope with Savithri Rodrigo

November 26th, 2021

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It’s Christmas (in a month)! So there are lots of gifts as we start counting down to Christmas on Prime Group Kaleidoscope – while also adding some economic snippets, industry & oil in focus, wheelchair tennis, lost lotuses, migrating crabs & R&R holidays.


Good News from Jayam


Obituaries – Sad News

Good News from Jayam
Good News from Jayam

Ives Koelmeyer – (Retired Lt. Sri Lanka Navy),​ husband of Lygia,​ father of Christoble (Dubai),​ Hestia,​ Ives (Oman) & Aurilia (Staff – St. Nicholas’ International College,​ Colombo),​ father-in-law of Carlos,​ Derrick,​ Varuni & Viraj,​ grandfather of Farah,​ Kimberly,​ Chiara,​ Cheyne,​ Jascha,​ Shane,​ Lygia,​ Sanshia,​ Alicia & Alina,​ brother of Virginia (Australia),​ late Lt. Commander Bernard Koelmeyer (Sri Lanka Navy),​ Melvil,​ Anton,​ Velma,​ PO. Richard Koelmeyer (Sri Lanka Navy) & Verita,​ brother-in-law of Phyllis,​ Rosemary,​ Damon,​ Angelo,​ Aloma,​ George & Loudes. Funeral was in Kandana on October 27th, 2021.NaKandana.065699


Recipes From Roma’s Kitchen

Good News from Jayam

Suan-la Tang

(Hot and sour soup)



6 cloud ears and 12 golden needles or 4 chinese dried

mushrooms, soaked in warm water for 30 minutes

1 cake fresh bean curd, neatly diced

2/3 cup pork fillet

3 tablespoons cornstarch

5/8 cup water

1-2 tablespoons oil

1 small onion, peeled and chopped

61/4 cups home – made beef stock  

   or consomme

4 tablespoons rice-wine vinegar

1 tablespoon light soy sauce

 freshly ground black pepper and salt

1 egg beaten

1 teaspoon sesame oil

2-3 scallions, shredded


Drain the cloud ears and golden needles

or the mushrooms, which should be nicely plump.

Cut into thin shreds and set aside with the bean curd.

Finely slice the pork into match stick size pieces and dust 

with cornstarch. Blend the remaining cornstarch with water 

and reserve. Heat the oil in a Chinese claypot or wok over

a gentle heat and cook the onion till soft. Turn up the heat

slightly and fry the pork slices until they change color.

Pour in the stock, cloud ears, needles or mushrooms, cook 

for 10 to 15 minutes, then thicken with the cornstarch

paste. Add bean curd, vinegar, soy sauce and black pepper

and salt to taste. Lower the heat and drizzle in the egg from

a balloon whisk or your finger tips so that it  forms threads

of mixture.Add sesame oil just before serving. Garnish with

 the scallions if desired.


Serves 6.


Please email me for all your questions and requests.


Good News from Jayam

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